A Pack of Hyped People Collaborating Together to Build Products That Matter.

TornadoByte is our play-pretend product house. Because ideas are better implemented.


Hilman Ahmad

Web Developer, Coding Geek

Software Engineer based in Kuala Lumpur. Although graduated with a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, he ended up pursuing a career in programming 🤣. Over the past 5+ years, he has been involved in more than 20 projects, both for work and personal enjoyment. In addition to his passion for coding, he also enjoy creating content for social media and find motivation in watching finance and business videos. Check out his cool personal site.


Aan Hamdani

UX/UI Nerd, Livestocks Business Boss

In her spare time, she enjoys designing interfaces with her developer friends. She does illustrations and analog film photography with her Yashica Electro GX. An avid bicycle enthusiast and try to spend time cycling various uphill tracks. Bukit Melawati is her favorite. Every weekend, she'll be on the west coast of the country; helping her family business, managing livestock, and taking care of her family's banana orchard. Stalk her personal site, she'll like that.


Mr. T

App Developer, React Native & NodeJS Enthusiast

Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak...

We're a group of friends who love spending time together even after work hours. We have this awesome tradition of getting together and building digital products that we're genuinely excited about. It's not just about the projects themselves; it's about the shared passion and the opportunity to learn and grow together.

When we work on these side projects, we dive deep into the latest technologies and trends. Each of us brings our unique expertise to the table, and we're constantly pushing each other to improve our technical skills. It's incredible how much we've learned from one another.

At the end of the day, it's not just about the digital products we create; it's about the memories we make, the skills we acquire, and the bond we share as friends.

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